My vision for this network has been to give artists with MCS a forum where they will find recognition, where they can develop the chances for selling their art and where they can exchange knowledge about safe material and other things. To be the president of a Creative Canaries Community means to be confronted with the threat of sudden homelessness of members, of grave sensitivities that occur unexpectedly and prevent any activity for quite a while, of poverty that does not allow members to buy non-toxic material or medication, of financial and medical shortcomings everywhere – it means you have to have a long breath, a big heart and good nerves.

I know several successful artists who officially deny they have MCS and in consequence decided not to become members – for fear of losing their careers. Others obviously did not join because they had to answer a small questionaire. They would have preferred anonymity. It probably takes guts to join this group! In spite of all the obstacles we daily have to face, the network managed to survive all the difficulties new groups have to face.